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Our innovative and tasty spices, chiles, herbs, salts, and ingredients can help you in your kitchen. We are here to offer you some special tastes, whether you are an amateur home cook, a weekend grill, or a professional chef.

Brief History

Our Story

It was in 1971 when we first started our business. We started the spices supply business from a double-story house. We started as "Tian Lee" (天利) behind the name of our founder. With time, our business grew, and we made a huge factory. After that, we changed our name to Sinaran Rempah Asli Sdn. Bhd.to make our place and name in the Malaysian spice market.

We started to serve the domestic market with a huge variety of pure and fresh spices. Our suppliers are in India, Africa, and Indonesia, and they supply our products in the Malaysia market. We are proudly certified by MeSTI and HALAL by JAKIM Malaysia for producing quality products that are rendered as halal according to the Malaysian halal standards.

What we value

Our Value

We take our values very seriously. We believe in the value that says "great prices on all of our great products"


Our Mission

Our mission is to grow our business without compromising the quality of our products. When it comes to growing up, we find a way that is good for us and our customers. Since we are a food company, we understand that food is a basic human need and makes others happy. So, we are here to provide you with the best cooking spices to add taste to your food.

The best in the industry

Along the way, we have beenthe best in Malaysia
  • Our Quality
  • It has been about 50 years ago since we served our first-ever spice range. Since that day, we have kept the quality of the spices ever increasing. We believe in producing spices and herbs with uncompromised quality. We have set rigorous standards for collecting herbs and manufacturing spices to provide you with pure and fresh products. The best quality premium products have made us stand out among our competitors.
  • Our Expertise
  • We believe that honesty is the best policy. All our dealings are based on integrity and honesty. There is no use of any impurity when it comes to the eatables. We have always done everything with integrity, whether it's sourcing or manufacturing, or dealing with our partners. Many kitchen experts trust us with their food, and we have earned our place in my hearts with our honest and integrated dealings.
  • Our Integrity
  • What makes us stand out in the market is we have learned from our experiences. We have expertise in our field and work. The decades of experience and hard work have made us where we stand today. We make sure that we have good relations with the global spic industry and our standards match theirs. We have gained detailed knowledge about every minor detail of spice manufacturing. It enables us to serve you and gain the trust of our customers. Our experts work wholeheartedly to get the best and purest spices and herbs for our customers.
Sinaran Rempah Asli

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